Our Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures that we follow are those prepared by Leicestershire County Council and refined by Voluntary Action Leicestershire on behalf of Community Managed Libraries. We have merely added the odd 'twist' that makes them relevant to our operations.

The document relating to Food Management & Hygiene remains under review until the time we launch our small commercial kitchen, at which time this will become a 'live' policy and procedure. Until that time, using individually pre-packed snacks our focus is on personal hygiene within the kitchenette area.

These Policies and Procedures will be reviewed by the Trustees at the first meeting of each new year and as-and-when circumstances demand it. The next formal review will be at their meeting on 8th January 2018.

Any volunteer who sees the need for a review of thees documents can, at any time, ask that the Trustees discuss the need to review at the next Trustees meeting. The volunteer so requesting must state the reason why any policy and procedure should be reconsidered.